Frequently Asked Questions about the Writing Prize

Be sure to explore this website for basics and background on the writing prize.

1. Is there a minimum word count?

2. Can you explain more about the topic?
Explore this website where there are videos and highlights of many people talking about Extreme Weather and Inequality. It will also help to talk with family, friends, librarians, teachers or others about these issues.

3. Can seniors graduating in Spring 2023 compete for this prize?
Yes, if you send in your writing or spoken word before July 1, 2023.

4. What advice or ideas can you give aspiring writers for the prize?

  • “Write what you know” is what all writing teachers recommend. Start from your personal experience, what you yourself know or have learned.
  • Tell about something specific. It makes writing come to life.
  • Tell someone you trust about the prize. Ask them to give input on your work.  Use that input to help improve your work.

5. What if my school’s computers can’t access the site (http://ancienttothefuture.org) for uploading writing?
It’s very likely that the school’s technology support needs to WHITELIST the page. Ask them this, or ask a teacher to do so. In a pinch you can use your phone. See below for instructions.

6. How do I upload writing from my phone?
See this instructional video for iphone — android will be similar:

7. How does the $5,000 award come to the students?
The award comes in two stages. First, a $1,000 check from Ancient to the Future to the student on October 28 when the winners are announced. The event program is here. Later, a check from Ancient to the Future to the student after the student sends us documentation of completing a further education milestone. This will be detailed in a letter accompanying the first check.